For J. Family, Blue Line developed a platform that competes with the best solutions existing in the European real estate market. eu.

J. Family is a real estate consulting company that operates in every phase of the selection, negotiation and sale of properties. The company's entire commercial structure is based on the distinction between two types of customers - Real Estate and Real Estate Premium - which implies segmented searches on the site that directs the right properties to each website user. To achieve this goal, we developed an online platform that ranks among the very best solutions available on the European market. In addition to allowing for the filtering of search results according to Client type, the site also enables the uploading of properties that are only seen by differentiated Clients, thus closing off access to the general public. Aware that many user searches take place through mobile devices, we also optimised the online platform based on a responsive design and good web usability practices.

During development, particular attention was given to simplifying the introduction of content, an essential condition in an area that involves large volumes of data. We also paid special attention to SEO and SEA campaigns, which have since been generating a huge flow of visits to the website. Also noteworthy are the multiple campaigns carried out on social networks, specifically on Facebook and Instagram, which drive thousands of followers and interactions to the brand.


J. Family


Website, Social Media, Email Marketing




The entire development of the J. Family website was based on the segmentation of the two existing types of Clients - Real Estate and Real Estate Premium. The goal was to deliver the search results for each user according to their corresponding Client type.

A Premium module was also developed, allowing for certain properties to go on sale but unseen by the general public and exclusively for differentiated Clients.

The site was complemented with a dedicated SEO module that highlights the results of searches made in search engines, in particular Google.


O site J. Family tem um módulo de SEO dedicado, que otimiza a ligação aos motores de pesquisa, com destaque para o Google. Esta é a condição essencial para que o site surja bem posicionado nas pesquisas efetuadas e para que os clientes encontrem o que procuram.

Módulo Premium

O módulo Premium de imóveis criado para o projeto da J. Family oferece a solução perfeita para quem deseja colocar um imóvel à venda sem que o anúncio seja visível ao público em geral, dada a sua exclusividade. Desta forma, torna-se possível valorizar a oferta através da apresentação a clientes diferenciados.

Um site dinâmico

Todos os conteúdos visíveis neste site podem ser alvo de alteração direta através do editor de backoffice Blue Line. Esta funcionalidade permite uma total autonomia do cliente/gestor ao longo do tempo, que pode, assim, concentrar-se na comunicação com o cliente.



We designed all the pages of the J. Family solution so they respond to the premium target they are aimed at. T The large format images, the organisation of the items in space and the creation of our own iconography therefore represent prominent features.


Advanced search

Beyond the simple search, we developed an advanced search that enables those looking for a property to effectively find what they are looking for. This relevance creates higher rates of response.


The detail

This is the page where the property presents itself, where it explores its differentiation and characteristics. This is also the page that drives clients to request visits. All the items were created bearing in mind this importance and the establishment of a special relationship between the visitor and the property.